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Double Forte Site - Tandem Mountain Biking
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Viewpoint Tandem Owner's Forum
Alex Wetmore's Search Engine
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Custom Tandems: A Primer
Tandems & Physically Impaired
American Blind Skiing Foundation
Blind Stokers Club of San Diego, CA
American Cancer Society &
Club VIBES (Knoxville, TN)
Charlotte's TAndems (UK)
Cyclists Combating Cancer
Georgia Blind Sports Association
International Blind Sports Federation
Lance Armstrong Foundation
Rush Miller Foundation
Speciality Bicycle Manufacturers
- Bilenky Viewpoint
- Hase Spezialräder Pino
Tandems Across the Bay (San Francisco)
Trailblazers Tandem Cycling Club (Toronto, Canada)
U.S. Blind Tandem Cycling Connection (Under development)
US Association of Blind Athletes (USABA)
Wounded Warrior Project (Soldier Ride)
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Georgia Bicycle Federation Website
Georgia Bikes (Advocacy)
Southern Off Road Bicycle Assn
Southern Bicycle League, Inc
Atlanta Bicycle Campaign
Georgia Statewide Bicycle Routes
Bicyling Links Around Georgia
Silver Comet Trail Information
-'s Website
BRAG Homepage


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Tandem & Cycling Organizations in Georgia

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Tandem Racks & Transportation


Soft Covers & Bras

Trailers - Behind Your Car

Trailers - Behind Your Tandem

Travel Cases

Rack Systems

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Bicycle Shops In & Around Atlanta

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Cycling Terminology

Bicycling Magazines & Periodicals

Asphalt - Published Quarterly Beginning in November 2002
Adventure Cyclist
Bicycle Paper
Bike Culture
Bike Reader Cyber Magazine & Writing Collections
The Classic and Antique Bicycle Exchange.
North Shore Moutain Bike & Freeride - EMagazine
Recumbent & Tandem Rider
Recumbent Cyclist News
Tandem Magazine (No longer a going concern, but the Web site is still up)
Tandem Specific
DoubleTalk - The Tandem Club of America's 1/4ly Newsletter - Jack & Susan Goertz, Editors
Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine 1/4ly Print Magazine & Web Archives - Charles Coyne, Editor
Tandem & Family Cycling Magazine Out of Circulation, But Web Is Active - Greg Shepherd, Owner
DOUBLE Magazine - Suspended publication after 2 issues in 2002; a high-quality publication with great promise that failed to attract the necessary number of advertisers and subsribers.

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Bicycle Industry Links & News

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Bicycle Recall Notices

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Bicycle Advocacy





Bicycle Related Newsgroups

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Open it by clicking on the "twistee" (triangle) next to the server's name. It will "blow-down" into a very large sub-listing of Newsgroups. You want to scroll down to the one entitled: >rec.bicycles (8) and can then blow that one down to see all eight of the rec.bicycle groups. Follow the instructions for your software to subscribe to and participate in these groups.




Bicycle Gifts, Jewelry, & Collectables