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Tandem Tour Companies & Tandem Friendly Accommodations
One's We Can Vouch For.....
PennyWise Cycle Tours
Operated by Karen Kovacic and Steve Rabe who continue to offer relaxed and affordable tour based on the model developed by Pennywise Founders Rich Wolf, and his wife, Ina Thompson. These tours get very high marks for quality and value.
Erickson Cycle Tours:
Operated by our Frame Builder and friends Glenn Erickson & Nancy Bruce.
One of Glenn's tours was included in Bicycling Magazines 10 most challenging tours; if you're looking for a two-week tandem tour that will offer a challenging ride through some of the most scenic places in Europe with great accommodations, this is it.
Santana Tandem Tours
Operated by Bill & Jan McCready of Santana.
We've attended one of the Santana Rallies and it was first class. Not the least expensive, but certainly one of the most complete vacations we've ever taken.... kinda like a cruise but on land. You do not need to be a Santana owner to attend one of their rallies or tours.
Bent Creek Lodge, Asheville, NC
Operated by Doug & Jodee Sellers and Kathy Courtney. We had an outstanding weekend stay at the Bent Creek Lodge in conjuction with an off-road tandem event hosted by David Lee of Asheville, NC. We've been back since then for another off-road tandem event and will be headed there again... and again!
For Complete details on the weekend just read our post-event write up.
Our 2010 Off-Road Weekend is detailed HERE.
The Ones On Our "Wish List".....
Tandems East Tours
In addition to their real jobs and running one of the most successful tandem speciality dealerships in the country, Mel & Barabara Kornbluh somehow find time to partner with touring companies in New Zealand and Italy so they can offer some of the most affordable tandem tours you'll find.
Second Summer Tours
Operated by Rob Templin who makes his home in Eugene, Oregon, where the cold and dreary Northwest winters drove him to "discover" exotic locales in South America, New Zealand and Maui, Hawaii where it is, indeed, summer in January and February. And that's the genesis of Second Summer Tours.
Tandem Bicycle Tours, Inc.
Operated by Lynn Dexter & Patrick Gibbons, long time and former owners of Tandem Cycle Works of Colorado. Lynn & Patrick offer intimate tours with 12-15 couples in Italy, Great Britian, Switzerland and other popular tandem cycling destinations.
A Very Large Collection of Personal Tour Reviews by Actual Cycle Tourists
One's Someone Else is Vouching For....
Karl Brodowsky's Tour Reviews
Interactive Database for Cue Sheets, Route Maps & Club Info in the US

Tour Companies & Search Engines

Tandem Tours

Tandems Welcome On Tours

Tandem Tours For The Sight Impaired

A group of off-road tandem enthusiasts with sight impaired stokers who travel the mountains of Israel. Contact Gilad Goraly
via Email for additional information: Tandem_Webmaster@hotmail.com

Mountain Biking Tour Companies
B&B's Catering to Cyclists
Travel Logs, Diaries & Photo Collections

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S & S Machine Couplers for Travel Tandems

S&S Coupling

Posted on [T@H] October 10, 2002 (with some minor edits/addenda)

    • The most important first step is to practice packing and unpacking your tandem before you actually travel when you're not in a hurry or pressed for time. This will help to ensure you've got it figured out.
    • It's also important to note that there are a lot of packing variations between different brands, models and sizes of tandems so what works for one tandem may not always work for another.
    • Once you have your tandem packed you'll want to be sure that it won't shift around in your case when it's handled by real people. To do this you'll want to close it, stand it up on its end, turn it over a few times and "bounce" it on the ground a little bit to simulate what will happen to it when you and the baggage handlers lug it out of cars, [and onto] conveyor belts, luggage carts and airplanes. When you open it back up you'll hopefully find it didn't shift around too much. If it does, consider adding clothing, additional padding or other dunnage to fill in the gaps so that it doesn't shift. You tandem is more likely to sustain damage from things moving around in the case during handling than from being bent by a crushing blow that deforms the shell of an S&S hard case and/or soft cases.
    • Also, be sure to figure out how to pack your bike with any accessories that you'll want to take along (e.g., rear rack, mud-guards). I perfected my system under the premise that I'd be using a seat-post mounted rear rack. However, when I realized I needed to take along a full-size rack that could handle panniers I found that I had to completely re-think how to pack the tandem to make room.
    • Once you have figured it out consider packing the tandem one more time and photo-documenting your "system" as you unpack it, one layer at a time. Keep the photos with your case so you can refer to them whenever you pack or unpack your tandem. The photos that are on our Web site were actually created for that purpose and a color copy of the packing sequence and notes are in a clear protector sheet taped to the inside lid of our hard case. It's nice not having to think about how everything fit together since just a minor mistake can throw everything off and leave you scratching your head.

Other fine points:

  1. 1. Consider putting old hubs or sections of 1/4" Schedule 40 PVC in your front & rear drop-outs (held in place by your skewers) to protect your fork and rear triangle.
  2. 2. Make sure all the components, tools, etc... are wrapped in something that will keep them from moving around and [use] some padding to prevent both the components and other things in the case from getting marred.
  3. 3. Consider taking along a lightweight white drop cloth (plastic-backed paper ones are cheap and pack flat) and some rags. The drop cloth could come in handy if you have to assemble or disassemble your tandem on a carpeted floor, both for protecting the floor and to make it easier to see what you're doing if the carpet is dark. The rags will come in handy when you re-pack your tandem. Nothing worse than trying to pack a dirty tandem or, a wet one if it rains.
  4. 4. How far can you go to ensure everything stays put? I line my case with two packing straps and two terry cloth sheets. All the components go into the case on top of them. Once everything is in the case the towels get wrapped over the top of the packed bike & compression members and then I cinch up the packing straps. The entire tandem -- less the [front] and back wheels -- ends up being one neat little package that you can lift out of the case such that nothing moves. The wheels go in a soft case with the [trunk] pack, tool box, panniers, and cycling clothes, etc... This may seem a little over the top, but it gives me piece of mind.
      • Finally, in light of the new baggage screening procedures invoked by the Transporation Security Authority (TSA) on January 1, 2003, I've adopted this last step. Give the possibility that our neatly packed travel tandem could end up being the subject of a search, I'll place a friendly note in the case and on top of the packed tandem contents that says. "This is a tandem bicycle. There are packing instructions and pictures of it inside the lid. It took me 4 hours to learn how to pack and unpack this bicycle so that it fits and nothing gets damaged. Since you've now opened this case I'd ask that if you have any doubts about how to un-bundle and safely repack this tandem bicycle please have my airline page me or call me on my cell phone at ____________ and I'll come and help"


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Tandem Travel Accessories


Soft Covers & Bras

    • PygmyPack Cordura covers that protect your drivetrain from the elements, or your car's interior from your drivetrain

Trailers - Behind Your Car

Trailers - Behind Your Tandem

Travel Cases

Rack Systems

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