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Dec 31 - IS YOUR RALLY INFORMATION UP TO DATE? -- If your tandem club or business has an event in 2005, please make sure we have the information and/or that the information on our Web site is up-to-date. You can find our event's listings on the Tandem Event's Page.

Dec 31 - Tandem's Limited "Customer Appreciation Day" Scheduled for March 5th -- In past year's Jack & Susan Goertz of Tandems Limited have hosted a "Sweatheart's Weekend" in February to coincide with Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, this year their other numerous activities unrelated to tandem cycling (yes, even dealers have other interests), that just ain't gonna happen. However, all is not lost. Instead, Tandems Limited will be holding a Customer Appreciation Day on March 5th at their "shop" in Birmingham, AL, and anyone who is in town will be welcome to stick around for a group tandem ride on Sunday, March 6th. Watch for further details at their Web site:

Dec 28 - Rally in the Valley Registration Forms Now On-Line -- The Tandem "Rally In the Valley" will be held on President's Day weekend, 18 - 21 February 2005 in Phoenix, Arizona. Our Tandem Event's Page listing for this rally now links to the event flier and registration forms which can also be downloaded HERE.

Dec 27 - Registration Now Open For 2005 Tennessee Tandem Rally: June 3 - 5 @ Alcoa, TN -- Would you be interested in three fantastic days of riding in the beautiful foothills surrounding the Great Smoky Mountains? If so, you're in luck. Tim & Sharon Patterson have decided to host their third annual "TennesseeTandem Rally" on June 3 - 5, 2005. By popular demand, the 2005 edition of The Tennessee Tandem Rally returns to Alcoa. Your hosts for this weekend -- Tim & Sharon -- have been cycling and tandeming in the beautiful foothills near Alcoa, TN, for the past 17 years and have some great rides planned. As in the past, this event is limited to the first 50 teams to submit paid registrations. Complete details and a downloadable registration form are available HERE.

Dec 21 - Attention Aerolite Travel Tandem Owners: Please Contact S&S Machine -- If you or anyone you know has acquired an Aerolite travel tandem, that is to say an Aerolite tandem frame fitted with "couplers" that allow disassembly for travel, please contact or have them contact Steve Smilanick at S&S Machine immediately. Contact information is as follows:

S and S Machine
Phone: 916-771-0235

Dec 20 - A Conversation With Bill at Santana: Lots to Look Forward To In 2005!! -- As he has in the past, Bill McCready called me this afternoon to answer a question I had Emailed earlier in the day. In addition to providing what is always a comprehensive answer to the question I had posed in my Email, Bill gave me an update on what's been under development at Santana Cycles. All I can say is, WOW!!! Lots of VERY cool things will be coming out of LaVerne, California in 2005. Stay tuned or check-in with your authorized Santana dealer for official announcements on what Bill and Co. have in the pipeline.

Dec 20 - Look For the Elephant's on Tandems During This Year's Tournament of Roses Parade!!! -- Cal Poly has disclosed that it's 2005 Tournament of Roses float entry will feature a family of elephants enjoying a bicycle ride in the country with several of the elephants aboard a tandem bicycle. The float's official entry name is "Elefun Time" and it will be some 42 feet long, 18 feet wide, and 17 feet high. Be sure to watch the event which takes place on January 1st with coverage beginning at 8:00am PST (11:00am EST). You can read the entire press release form Cal Poly HERE.

Dec 20 - 4th Annual Co-Motion Classic Tandem Race Set for July 28-3 -- Kent Peterson of Co-Motion Cycles wrote to let us know that the 4th installment of the Co-Motion Classic Tandem Race (CCTR) is set to roll-off on July 28 - 31, 2005 in and around Co-Motion's home town of Eugene Oregon. More information is available at Co-Motion's Web site: However, as a preview of what to expect in 2005, here is a summary of some of the more significant changes:

Dec 20 - Tandem Club of America's Web Site Has New Look And Feel -- Brian Speck, new Webmaster for the Tandem Club of America, announced the launch of a made-over TCA Web page last night on Tandem@Hobbes. The URL remains the same:

Dec 20 - Off-Road Tandems Take Over Tsali Recreation Area -- A few weeks back, well in October to be correct, a group of 18 intrepid off-road enthusiasts met up at Tsali Recreation Area in Northwest North Carolina for a weekend of "playing in the dirt". The 9 couples came from as far away as Montreal, Canada (Seto's), Chicago, IL (Boehm's), Cincinnatti, OH (Link's & Cross'), Tallahassee, FL (Rubenstein's), and somewhat more local areas like Asheville, NC (David Lee - Host of the gathering), and the Atlanta Metro area (Hunter's, Borer's and Livingood's). Being veterans of well over 30 road tandem rallies, this gathering for two (or three) days of off-road antics was one of the most enjoyable experiences we have ever had as cyclists. If you've ever thought riding an off-road tandem with your beloved and have at least some off-road or motocross experience, you owe it to yourselves to give it a try. It's a hoot!!! (Click here for larger photo image)

Nov 20 - Drunk Motorist Who Stuck & Killed Ken Kifer Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter -- Some will recall that a drunk driver (recently released from jail after being arrested for drunk driving) veered across a road, struck, and killed Ken Kifer (57) on September 13, 2003. The accident occurred near Kifer's home in Scottsboro, Alabama. The motorist -- Jimmy Don Rodgers -- plead guilty to manslaughter on November 5. From an article that appeared in the Scottsboro Daily Sentinel on Friday:"According to Assistant District Attorney Kirk Perry, Rodgers plead to manslaughter and driving under the influence November 5. Rodgers was sentenced to 20 years in jail. He received a split sentence and ordered to serve two years. Rodgers will then have supervised probation for five years after his release. He was also ordered to pay the Kifer family restitution of $13,000."Y ou can read the entire article HERE. For those who may not know of Ken Kifer, he was a renown athlete, cyclist, author, and cycling advocate. He was perhaps best known to cyclists through his extensive collection of writings on cycling and Web site which you can find here:

Nov 17 - Boehme's Raise the Bar On Mini-Van Tandem Portage -- Len Diamond recently shared some photos with us that may cause you to rethink how you accommodate your tandems in the back of your mini-van, long-bed pick-up, or SUV. While attending Southern Tier Tandem Rally '04, Len spied Tom & Ann Boehme unloading their tandems from their mini-van in a way that he had never seen before. Rather than mounting the tandems to just a fork mount, the 2 tandems (one configured for dry roads and the other for wet) were mounted to a ~4'x8' platform that could be pulled out the back door of their mini-van like a giant utility drawer. Their "system" is depicted in four photos taken by Len that can be viewed by clicking HERE. As Len noted, the attention to detail in the design and construction is quite impressive. Tom & Anne hail from the Albany area in up state New York.

Nov 10 - Tandem Riders in the UK: Let's Go Racing!!! -- Andrea Ingram, Track Development Officer of the Manchester Velodrome wrote to share the dates for some upcoming tandem cycling competitions in the UK. Andrea has been a moving force in promoting tandem racing in the UK with special emphasis on events for impaired / paralympic teams.

 When Where What
  16-April Lancaster National tandem stage race UK. A 5km Prologue & 1 hour crit ­ for any team, special prizes for any team with a paralympic rider.
 17-April Cumbria  Rudy Project circuit TT
 28/29-May Lancaster  2-day of crits
 11-June Manchester  Aztec Tandem track Omnium ­ Manchester Velodrome [male/female; female/female & Paralympics teams.] 1 lap tt, sprint series and 2.5km pursuit.
 12-June Newcastle Newcastle Tandem track Omnium [not far from Manchester] outdoor 400m smooth track.

Nov 07 - Southern Tandem Rally a Major Success; Kudo's To Suzanna Sisk, Johnny T, and the Tailwind Tandem Club -- We just returned from 3 wonderful days in Charlotte, North Carolina, where we shared the weekend climbing up and zooming down the banks of the Lowes Motor Speedway and a few naturally occuring hills with the 90 or so teams who attended. The "high point" of our weekend was circum-navigating the track's 4 high-bank turns next to the outer walls on our 2nd lap and living to tell about it. Despite some trepedation regarding the potential weather for early November in North Carolina, the weather gods were kind to STR and delivered 3 days of fabulous conditions for cycling. The terrain and routes we enjoyed on Fri, Sat, & Sun were scenic and just challenging enough to satisfy our eyes and our legs. The hospitality and accommodations at the hotels, SAG stops, lunch stop, and Speedway Club for the Saturday night banquet were also outstanding. Again, just a terrific time and an event that we'll fondly look back upon for many years to come.

Nov 06 - Georgia Tandem Rally Returns to Madison, Georgia in 2005 -- Roger Strauss & Eve Kofsky, the Georgia Tandem Rally's (GTR) directors, announced that GTR will return to Madison, Georgia in 2005. GTR last visited Madison in May of 2000 and our hosts tell us that a lot has (and will) change for 2005, including a new host hotel, ride routes, and... well, you get the idea. Watch for updates to the official Georgia Tandem Rally Web site and announcements on Tandem@Hobbes, in TCA's DoubleTalk, and here at

Nov 02 - $14,000 Tandem Gift For Bill & Hillary Clinton Deemed "Over the Top" -- As reported by various news outlets, apparently the folks at "The Tonight Show" teamed up with the folks at Santana Cycles, Inc. and presented Bill & Hillary Clinton with a top-of-the-line Santana Beyond travel tandem as a get-well gift following his heart bypass surgery. Unfortunately, no one bothered to check into the U.S. Senate's rules regarding limits on the value of gifts that a sitting Senator can accept and, well, the $14,000.00 (no, that's not a misprint) Santana Beyond was over the limit by about $13,950.

Oct 09 - Issue #16 of Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine Is On The Street -- The Sep/Oct Issue of Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine is now available. This issue features reviews of Co-Motion's new Periscope, Santana's venerable Sovereign, the Bilenky Viewpoint, and several other tandem-related articles that may be of interest. Check with you local bike shop to see if they have a copy or, for those who interested in learning more about RTR, please visit their Web site at and consider subscribing.

Oct 05 - (T@H) S&S Releases New "Security Net" For Travel Tandem Owners - Steve Smilanik of S&S Machine posted the following notice to the Tandem@Hobbes List regarding a new product that may help to keep your tandem packed the way you intended if it is subjected to airport inspection: "Over the past several months, it has been reported to us (S and S) that some bike cases have been opened for inspection by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). Some of those cases were inspected and closed without incident. Some had items repositioned in a way that could have resulted in damage to the bike. After some of the inspections, the compression members were just thrown in the bottom of the case where they do no good at all. The people reporting those inspections to us were concerned that their efforts to carefully pack their bikes were being thwarted by TSA and many were fearful that their bike would be damaged as a result of the re-packing job done by TSA. In response to that problem, we have developed a security net that holds everything together, prevents the compression members from coming apart and allows the case contents to be viewed without removing the net. In many situations, the whole bike can be lifted out of the case for inspection without disturbing the packing job. For photos and more details, go to:"

Oct 03 - (TTL) US Association of Blind Athletes Fund Raising Opportunity - From correspondent Bob Friendman wrote to let us know that Mt Airy Bicycles is selling a t-shirt to support US Association of Blind Athletes (USABA). A famous tandemist/artist was commissioned to research over 50 of the nation's leading Tandem Club mascots which are portrayed on the back of a limited-edition Fruit of the Loom heavy cotton T shirts.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the support of sight impaired stokers.  Sizes M through XXL, only $20 plus postage.  Buy 'em for your team -- $40 for a pair including shipping -- or outfit the whole club -- 10% off in quantities of 5 or more with free shipping.  Start a business! Order 10 or more at 20% off, again with free shipping.  Phone 1-888-MYTANDEM or send Email to for more information or visit their Web site:

Sep 28 - (TTL) So, What Did The Tandem Market Look Like in 1990? - Curious as to what the tandem market looked like 14 years ago? Here's a LINK to a really neat article I stumbled across by James Rala written in July of 1990 for American Fitness Magazine entitled: A Sport Built for Two - Tandem Bicycling. Remember, this article was written in July of 1990.

Sep 28 - (TTL) The Tandem Club of Ohio, aka. GOATS, Have A New Web Site Address - The nice folks at the Greater Ohio Area Tandem Society (GOATS) were kind enough to let us know that their Web site's URL has been changed to: If you maintain a tandem club links list you'll want to make a note of the change and if you haven't taken time to visit their Web site why not do it now by clicking HERE.

Sep 20 - (TTL) Kryptonite Lock Owners Please Take Note: Product Vulnerability - Apparently the cylinder key lock on certain Kryptonite bike locks has a serious vulnerability that allows it to be "Picked" with a plastic ball-point pen tube. If you own a Kryptonite lock you may wish to read one or both of the following articles that describes the problem and how it was identified: New York Times Article or with thanks to "field correspondent" Jason Carter, The Globe & Mail account.

Sep 09 - (TTL) CANCELLED - September's "The Rally At The Park" in St Louis, MO - Fred Droney confirmed for us today that "The Rally in the Park (TRAP) scheduled for September 24 - 26 in St Louis, MO, has been cancelled due to insufficient pre-registration. For those of you who maintain event calendars for your local clubs, please make a note of this change.

Tandem Rally Registration Etiquette: As a reminder to those who have an interest in rallies, let us encourage you to do what you can to firm up your plans and get those pre-registrations in as soon as possible. The folks like Fred & Barb Droney of the MULES who host these events usually front the deposits for facilities and catering out of their own pockets and rely upon those pre-registrations for reimbursement and to gauge interest in going forward with these events. If the interest doesn't materialize the events will vaporize. To get a look at what tandem clubs across the US and around the world have planned in '05, please be sure to visit our "Events" page and remember, get those pre-registrations, vacation requests, and travel plans made sooner rather than later.

Sep 08 - (TTL) Virginia Legislature Opens The Door For "Bicycles Belong" Licence Plate - Good friend and TTL proofreader Bob Friedman wrote to let us know that Virginia has succeeded in getting a special interest vehicle license plate approved by the state legislature and the Governor. Quoting from his note, "The Virginia legislature has approved and the Governor signed a bill for a special interest license plate for Bicyclists. The slogan on the license plate will be "Bicycles Belong". In addition, there will be a graphic of a bicycle. The cost of this plate is $10.00 In order for the plate to be made, a pre-order of 350 plates must be received. BikeWalkVirginia (formerly, Bike Virginia) is collecting the applications. Please go to for instructions and to download the application. There will also be a link on We must submit the 350 applications to DMV before December 31st, so please complete your application and mail with your check as soon as possible." Bob also extended a special thank you to Del. Vivian E. Watts (39th District, Fairfax County) and Del. William K. Barlow (64th District, Smithfield) who sponsored the license plate legislation. Now, if we could only get it this far in Georgia!

Sep 06 - (TTL) Notes From The Road: Team Angell's Alaska To Florida Adventure -- Randall & Barb Angell recently dropped us a note to let us know how they were doing on their Trans-NorthAmerican adventure. For those who have not heard about, Randall & Barb are on a five-month long self-supported tour that began in June at the Artic Circle in Alaska and will end in Key West, Florida this October. Randall & Barb sold their home in Michigan and quit their jobs to allow them the time and resources to make this journey, after which they hope to seek new employeement opportunities in Seattle, WA. They are presently 2/3rd of the way through their 5 month journey and fund raising effort for a Habitat for Humanity home back in Oakland Country, Michigan. They took a brief hiatus from their tour to attend the Midwest Tandem Rally in Columbus, IN, this Labor Day weekend and will resume their tour back in Missouri. You can learn more about the Angells and keep up with their progress at their Web site:

Sep 05 - (TTL) Off-Road Tandem Tours in Israel For The Sight Impaired -- Gilad Goraly wrote to let us know that Tandem Israel is now offering off-road tandem adventures that cater to sight impaired cyclists. Gilad and his associates are off-road tandem enthusiasts and their tours visit the mountains of Israel. Visit their Website or contact Gilad via Email for additional information: Note: You can also find a link to Tandem Israel on our "Travelling" Web page along with a host of other links related to tandem travel and touring.

Sep 04- REMINDER: Mt Airy Annual Tandemo/BentEvent: Sept 26th - Mt Airy & College Park Bicycle's premier event has been scheduled for Sunday Sept 26th. Organized tandem rides with options of 18 - 45 miles, tandem and recumbent bike demo rides, swap meet, and food catering by the Four Season Restaurant will be featured. More information is available at Mt Airy's Web site or by writing to Larry Black at:

Sep 03 - (TTL) Thinking About Adding A Rear Disc Or A Fresh Paint Job On Your Favorite Tandem? -- Mary Pfeiffer of Koolbikes (aka, Pfeiffer Pframes) located near Clemson, South Carolina recently completed a brake make-over and paint touch-up on our good friends Roger Strauss & Eve Kosfky's Co-Motion triplet. Son Elliott graduated from kid-cranks about two years ago and the nicks to custom paint job had been deftly camouflaged with a Thrasher's decal and the rim brakes had never worked quite well-enough to allow them to leave the Arai drum brake at home. So, Mary provided them with a fork modification to accommodate a caliper disc and a slick Avid primary rear disc brake with a thread-on rotor that eliminated the always marginal and noisy linear pull brakes. The finished product and blending of the paint work with the original custom paint work were excellent as well. So, if you're thinking adding one of the chic new Avid rear disc brakes to your current ride or would just like to get that "new bike look" for a small fraction of the cost, give Mary a call or drop her an Email:

Aug 09 - (TTL) First Time Buyers & Sticker Shock - The Relative Costs of Cycling -- Someone who is interested in taking up tandem cycling recently asked some questions about why tandems cost as much as they do after suffering a classic case of "sticker shock". If you're interested in my take, you can read my insightful and candid response in which I share my views on First Time Tandem Buyer's Sticker Shock & The Relative Costs of Cycling. I would note, this is an enthusiast's view, which is to say the perspective of someone who classifies cycling as their primary hobby, recreational activity, and principle form of physical activity and sport. NOTE: Your host has a compulsive disorder that causes him to spend way too much time thinking and writing about tandem cycling. Thus, I have probably written over a hundred "articles" on a variety of tandem related subjects. In an effort to "fill" some of the void that exists with tandem news, I will share some of my wonderful thoughts (yeah, right) from time-to-time via these types of entries.

Aug 08 - A Different Approach To Brake Control - Drew Holmes of Bend, OR, wrote to let us know about a recent brake control modication that he adapted to his tandem from the world of Cyclocross. "I had some cross brakes put on my cyclocross bike and fell in love with them. The added stopping power and comfort from not having to move from an upright position to adjust speed with the brakes are great. I had the boys at Webcyclery in Bend ( who now are located in the defunct Meridian Tandem building in Bend Oregon) added some Salsa cross brakes. The comfort in connection with some double car tape and it rides like a dream." Regular readers might remember Drew from an item last year regarding the use of a non-tandem Reynolds Ouzo Pro fork on their Meridian tandem: it continues to remain in service and in fine form.

Aug 05- Mt Airy Sets Date For Annual Tandemo/BentEvent: Sept 26th - Mt Airy & College Park Bicycle's premier event has been scheduled for Sunday Sept 26th. Organized tandem rides with options of 18 - 45 miles, tandem and recumbent bike demo rides, swap meet, and food catering by the Four Season Restaurant will be featured. More information is available at Mt Airy's Web site or by writing to Larry Black at:

Aug 04 - Issue #15 of Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine Is On The Street -- The Jul/Aug Issue of Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine is now available. This issue features reviews of the Trek T1000 Tandem. For those who interested in learning more about RTR please visit their Web site at and consider subscribing.

Jul 02 - Aerospokes No Longer Producing 700c Tandem Model - With credit to Scott (aka. for passing along this little tidbit, apparently Aerospoke has ceased production of it's 700c tandem wheels. From an insider at Aerospoke, "Aerospoke has ceased production of the 700c tandem wheels due to ongoing production difficulties in molding the extra heavy carbon wheels (700c tandems). 700c tandem sales have been low, so the decision has been made to discontinue them as the added time and resources to produce them has not been cost-effective. All remaining 700c tandem wheels have been sold, and none remain in stock."

Jun 17 - Lance Armstrong & Sheryl Crow; Twins Separated at Birth? - I couldn't resist passing along a link to a photo of Lance Armstrong's girlfriend Sheryl Crow in full cycling regalia perched upon her her new Trek 5900 at the base of the Alpe d'Huez on June 13th. Does she remind you of anyone else you've seen sitting on a Trek now and again: scary, isn't it? The photo is hosted at Sheryl's own Web site on a page where you can learn about the Yellow wristband you see her, Lance, Bobke, Kirsten Gum, Chris Carmichael, the whole USPS squad, and several million other folks wearing:

June 18 - Issue #14 of Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine Is On The Street -- The May/June Issue of Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine is now available. This issue features reviews of the WizWheelz Terra Trike Tandem. For those who interested in learning more about RTR please visit their Web site at and consider subscribing.

May 26 - Potential Ebay Fraud Involving Used Tandems Up For Auction - Some alert Ebay regulars who are familiar with tandem noticed at least two highly suspicious auctions involving tandems during the past few days. There are some tell-tale signs that the seller is not necessarily familar with what he is selling in that several brand names (Santana and Airborne) will be used to describe the tandems, different sizes will be given in different places, the pictures aren't typically what you'd see in a ad like the one used, the descriptions are written in broken english and somewhat absurd, e.g, "You cannot imagine the beauty of this bike. It is almost like flying. You and your friend will enjoy a wonderful trip. Believe me this superb tandem is more than   a simple bike, it has the power to make you happy and feel connected with the partner/friend." In these two examples, the sellers (actually, it appears to be the same individual) just opened up Ebay accounts and have no prior transaction history.

May 17 - Leavenworth Tandem Rally Set for September 4 - 6 at Leavenworth, WA - Louise Fugier wrote to let us know that the Leavenworth Tandem Rally (formerly known as the Sleeping Lady Tandem Rally) will be held on September 4-6, 2004, at Leavenworth, WA. Join Evergreen Tandem Club for 2-3 days of great food and great rides, all originating at the beautiful Sleeping Lady Conference & Resort. Rides vary from 15 ­ 65 miles. Check ETC's website for additional rally information or download registration form at

May 15 - Mt Airy Sets Date For Annual Tandemo/BentEvent: Sept 26th - Mt Airy & College Park Bicycle's premier event has been scheduled for Sunday Sept 26th. Organized tandem rides with options of 18 - 45 miles, tandem and recumbent bike demo rides, swap meet, and food catering by the Four Season Restaurant will be featured. More information is available at Mt Airy's Web site or by writing to Larry Black at:

May 6 ­ Shimano Issues Recall On SM-SH92 Cleats - Shimano, in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, has issued a formal product recall on the SM-SH92 cleats sold as after market. The cleats are compatible and are designed to be used with all Shimano SPD-R pedal models - PD-7700 / 7701 / 6600 / 6601 / 5500 / R53. You can read the formal recall notice at Shimano's Web site here:

May 3 - A Day In The Life of The MAVIC Neutral Support Team - Ever wondered what it would be like to hang out with the guys in the Yellow shirts, cars, and motorcycles who provide neutral service at all the professional cycling events? Trish Albert who runs the Southeastern Cycling Web site got a chance to ride along with MAVIC on Stage 7 of the Tour de Georgia and wrote about the experience in an article that you can read HERE.

May 3 ­ British Policeman Riding Tandem Solo From Also to Nebraska ­ British policeman Paul Perry is cycling from Oslo, Norway to Bee, Nebraska ­ some 10,000 kilometers (6,000mi) ­ in an effort to raise funds for the British Red Cross. Perry plans to make the 4 month-long ride solo on a tandem just in case anyone wants to help him pedal along the way. You can learn more about Paul and keep up with his progress via his Web site: You can also find some other information at the British Red Cross' Web site: And there is a article that describes the entire adventure at this Web site: We first learned about Paul's journey from our Google search script but also received a very nice note from Paul's friend Kelsey Hoppe who wanted to let us know about Paul and to ask that we share his story with our friends in the tandem community.

May 3 ­ Tandem Folks in the News: Michael & Anne Kruimer of Edison, NJ ­ Michael & Anne Kruimer plan to participate in the East Coast Greenway Alliance's tour of the interim Greenway later this year. The tour will begin in Maine on Sep 12 and ends in Florida on Nov 3. You can read the entire story HERE.

May 3 ­ Just How Popular Is Cycling? According to the League of American Bicyclists, some 57 million adults in the US "ride bicycles". While the extent of the riding is unquantified, LAB reports that more than _ of those folks would like to spend more time on a bike. For another angle on the stats, the Pedestrian & Bicycle Information Center reports that some 16.6 million bicycles were sold in 2001. You can read the rest of the article that contained these interesting stats HERE. Some other equally squishy data can be found at Bicycle Magazine's Web site by clicking HERE and reading the material at the "Audience, Circulation, & Market" links to .pdf files.

May 3 ­ US Tandem Duo Qualify for 2004 Paralympics in Athens, Greece ­ Jason Bryn of Tucson, AZ, and his tandem pilot Glenn Bunselmeyer of Seattle, WA, qualified for the 2004 Paralympic Games to be held this year in Athens, Greece with a blistering fast time trail this past weekend at Frisco, TX. You can read about their accomplishment HERE.

May 3 ­ Jane Tomlinson Begins Epic Journey from Rome to Home ­ The incredibly tenacious Jane Tomlinson (40) and her brother Luke Goward (38) began a 2,500 mi tandem cycling journey in Rome over the weekend that will end in her home at Leeds in 35 days. Jane is a terminally ill cancer patient and mother of 3 who has began participating in marathons and cycling journeys to raise awareness and funds for cancer related charities after being diagnosed with cancer. You can read more about Jane and her latest challenge HERE.

May 2 ­ Tandem Folks in the News: Nels & Ann Oberg of Rochester, MN -- Nels & Ann Oberg are highlighted in an interesting article regarding the thriving tourist destination for outdoor lovers along Wisconsin's Woodland Dunes along Lake Michigan. You can read about the Oberg's vacation and what Manitowoc County has to offer HERE.

May 2 ­ Tandem Folks in the News: South Carolina's Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer ­ Over this past weekend, South Carolina's Lt. Governor, Andre Bauer, participated in Governor Mark Sanford's Family Fitness Challenge by taking the captain's seat on a tandem. Lt.Gov Bauer had several different stokers during the ride and finished the final leg into Little Mountain with his dad. You can read the entire article HERE.

Apr 30 ­ A Tandem Is Much More Practical Than An Engagement Ring; Isn't It? ­ Scott Dalessandro and Molly Baxter are getting ready for their July 3 wedding but that's not unusual; lots of couples do that. But, what sets this couple apart from others was the way that Scott proposed to Molly last fall as they watched the sun set over Lake Michigan. Instead of presenting Molly with a diamond ring, Scott pulled a shiny new orange tandem out of the woods near the dunes and presented it to her as a symbol of the relationship they were building together. Pretty cool, eh? You can read the entire article HERE.

Apr 28 ­ Australian Women's Tandem Duo Set New World Mark; Qualify for Athens ­ Janet Shaw and her sighted tandem pilot Kelly McCombie set a new mark for the Women's Tandem Flying 200m. The new mark of 12.029 seconds was set during the Track Cycling Australian Championships at Sydney's Dunc Gray Velodrome and qualified the team for the Paralympic Games in Athens this summer. You can read more about the team and the accomplishment HERE.

Apr 28 ­ Tandem Folks in the News: Bobby De'ath and Ian Dawson of Breckland -- Bobby De'ath and Ian Dawson out rode the second place tandem team by 6 minutes during the annual BOLD Tandem Marathon in the UK. The 26 mile tandem time trial open to both fully sighted and sight impaired cyclists drew 68 teams from all over the UK. You can read the rest of the article HERE.

Apr 27 ­ Tandem Folks in the News: Don Swank & Paul Nye of Marshall County, IN ­ Don Swank and Paul Nye have teamed up to ride the 320-mile "Cover Indiana Bicycle Tour" benefiting the Habitat for Humanity. You can read more about the event HERE.

Apr 26 ­ Indiana State University Continues Tradition of Annual Tandem Race -- In an annual rite of spring passage, mixed couple tandem teams made up of fraternity and sorority members went head-to-heat at ISU for 75 laps around a flat track this year. This event should not be confused with the "Little 500" held each year at the University of Indiana. You can read more about what was called the most exciting tandem races ever HERE.

Apr 19 ­ Team HealthNet's John Lieswyn & Wife Dawn Do That Tandem Thing ­ One of CyclingNew's more colorful diary contributors is USPro racer John Lieswyn, presently riding with Gord Frasier on Team HealthNet. In John's most recent Diary entry he describes how he prepared for this year's Tour de Georgia (or, what he referred to as the Tour de Lance) and in his entry revealed that he and his wife Dawn apparently ride a tandem together. If you like the Lance Chronicles or are otherwise interested in following the life of a USPro rider, check out John's updates at CyclingNews by clicking HERE.

Apr 19 ­ Tandem Folks in the News: Brian & Abbi Clissold of Battle Creek, MI ­ You can find a very nice profile of Choral Director Brian Clissold that ran in the Battle Creek Enquirer by clicking HERE. Brian notes that he and wife Abbi are tandemist who can often be seen pulling a trailer with daughter Madeline around their home in Battle Creek.

Apr 17 ­ Delta Sigma Phi "Bikes to Boise" raises $4,000 for M.S. Society ­ Each year members of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity ride from Moscow to Boise, Iowa to raise funds for worth charities. Proceeds from this year's ride were donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. You can read the entire story HERE.

Apr 14 ­ Tandem Folks in the News: Herbert & Gladys Headley of West Acridge, UK ­ Herbert & Gladys Headly celebrated their Diamond Anniversary and reflected back on their honeymoon journey by tandem some 60 years ago. You can read more about the couple HERE.

Apr 09 - Australian Olympic Challengers Stage 40 Year Reunion Race -- Cycling foes of long-ago who were friends off the track staged a 40 year rematch after the two went head-to-head in the Australian National Championship races trying to earn a spot at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Read the article HERE.

Apr 08 - Tandem Folks in the News: Jane Tomlinson Plans Epic Ride From Rome to Leeds -- You may recall reading of Jane Tomlinson's incredible feats here at the Bulletin Board in the past. Jane was diagnosed with terminal cancer 3.5 years ago and given only few months to live. Since then she has been a regular participant in major marathons, triathlons, and taken on several major cycling challenges to raise funds as part of her personal fight against cancer. She has raised over £500,000 on her way to a goal of raising £1,000,000. Jane is now headed back to the tandem and this time has made plans to begin a 35-day tandem bike ride from Rome to Leeds with her brother, Luke, starting on May 3. Read the entire article HERE.

Apr 05 - Tandem Folks in the News: Ross and Ann Pearson of Australia -- As reported back in January on these pages, Ross & Ann Pearson have now started their 18,000km ride around Australia on their tandem. You can read a recent article about their journey HERE and can keep up with their progress via their Website: ABLE2RIDE "Roadtrip to Recovery" . The journey will begin from Sydney, Australia on March 28 and is being undertaken to fulfill a dream that, at one time, didn't seem possible. Ross suffered a life threatening brain hemorrhage in 2001 but is now back in the Captain's saddle after not being able to walk, talk or read . The Web site content is just now being assembled but they'd very much like anyone with an interest in following their journey through words and pictures to join them as they post their updates. If you live in Australia and are so inclined, they would also welcome some companionship along their ride.

Apr 06 - Tandem Folks in the News: Alley Family of Astoria, OR -- The Alley family of Astoria, Oregon, is poised to begin a 58 day transcontinental cycling journey across the US. You can read more about Michael, Laura, their daughters, Merrill and Meg and the other cyclists who will accompany them on their journey to New Hampshire that begins on May 31 by clicking HERE.

Apr 03 - Tandem Folks in the News: Kim & Rick Lanting of Grand Rapids, MI -- Kim & husband Rick Lanting are often times seen out riding their tandem with members of the Rapid Wheelmen Bike Club in Grand Rapids, MI. Kim is also a regular bicycle commuter who recently had an unpleasant encounter with a motorist on her way to work that is highlighted in an article that reminds motorists to "Back Off" as they share the road with cyclists which you can read HERE.

Mar 30 - Grant Peterson & Rivendell Profiled in Forbes -- If you are a fan of Grant Peterson and/or Rivendell cycles, this is a must read:

Mar 22 - Tandem Folks in the News: Sanna & Chuck Phinney of Bend, OR -- Well, imagine our surprise here at when our news search engine delivered an article pfeaturing our pfriends the pfabulous Phinneys of Bend, Oregon. You can read their quotes from a recent spring century ride article that ran in the local Bend paper and if you squint real hard you can actually see that they are the bike depicted at the left front of the photo (your view) at the following link:

Mar 22 - Co-Motion's "Co-Pilot" As Generic Term for S&S Coupled Tandems? -- Field correspondent Marv Boehm recently reported that Southwest Airline's has adopted "Co-Pilot" as the generic name for travel tandems that use S&S machine's Bicycle Torque Couplings. While it's not known what led Southwest to grab onto the "Co-Pilot" model name that's been in use by Co-Motion for the S&S version of the Speedster, it could end-up being a marketing coup for the Eugene, Oregon-based tandem builder. Lest you think we're pulling your leg, you can find the entry 1/2 way down the following Web page:

Mar 20 - Issue #13 of Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine Is On The Street -- The March/April Issue of Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine is now available. This issue features reviews of the Ti Hase Spezialrader Pino, daVinci's Symbiosis, and Raleight's Pursuit. For those who interested in learning more about RTR please visit their Web site at and consider subscribing.

Mar 19 - Attention Folks In Northern Illinois & Soutern Wisconsin: Co-Motion Night at TheBikeRack - The folks at the Bike Rack in St. Charles, Illinois wrote to let us know that they are having "Co-Motion" night on Wednesday, March 24 from 7-9pm. You can find all of the details along with directions to their shop at THIS LINK.

Mar 20 - Fall Allegeny Rally For Tandems Scheduled for October 8 - 11 - Brian Warner wrote to let us know that Brian & Karen Managan have set the dates for this year's Rall Allegeny Rally for Tandems, aka. FART. This is the only annual off-road tandem rally held in the US (or anywhere else that we're aware of) and this will be the 11th edition. Sign-up quickly as there is a limit of 20 teams. For more information and registration, please visit their Web site:

Mar 17 - Killer Deals on Close-Outs: What Looks Like a Good Deal Sometimes Isn't - No question about it, we all love it when we find a killer deal on bicycles and tandems. And, as sweet as that low price can be, there's a bitter suppository that all consumers unknowingly take when it happens. Take for example the demise of Bike E and Vision recumbents. Both were small volume producers getting by on razor thin margins -- something that's quite common for bike builders. Given how tentative their existence is, and how senstive the tandem and recumbent niche markets are, a new player can weak havoc with sales IF they have the clout to displace the small builders in the retail market. Well, quess that happens when a new player is a BIG company that decides to jump into something small like the recumbent market and then realizes it was a bad business decision? They "unload" all that product at fire-sale prices and take a write-off. At the consumer side of the equation, the buyers that statiscally were figured into the small builder's annual product plan jump at the chance to get those killer deals on the 'bents that were "dumped" into the market and the small builder finds himself with a giant black hole in their revenue stream as their creditors are banging on the door. Thus, they are "killer deals". Moreover, for anyone who already owns a bike or tandem produced by either the small builder who was done in or the one being dumped, the re-sale value of that product is also "killed" along with the re-sale value of any similar product. Just something to think about the next time you see one of those all too attractive "killer deals". Not to suggest you shouldn't take advantage of it -- as it's clear that if you don't someone else will -- but bear in mind the cause and effect relationship as you ponder why some companies don't survIve and/or why products cost what thEy do.

Mar 15 - Tandem Folks in the News: Jan Mulder & Bart Boom -- Jan Mulder, a cyclist who lost 95% of his vision after a cycling accident, has won gold medals at the last three Paralympic Games and is hoping to capture his fourth in Athens this year. On the road to that goal, he and and his tandem pilot Bart BoomBoom captured both the blind and overall tandem class wins at this year's Argus Pick 'n Pay Cycle Tour in Cape Argus, South Africa. You can read the entire tour report at this LINK.

Mar 11 - Taipei International Cycle Show Biger Than Ever - Well, it won't be long now until Tandem@Hobbes regulars receive their annual Taipei bike show update from Bill McCready of Santana Cycles. This year's show was held over four days with the theme "Think Bicycle, Think Taiwan". The show featured 1,828 booths with every conceivable type of bicycle related products on display from both local Taiwan builders like Giant & Merida as well as those from around the world, e.g., Shimano, CatEye, Michelin.

Mar 10 - Tandem Folks in the News: Mike & Susan Mahoney of Houston - Steve Sievert's "Notebook" for last week highlighted tandemming through a look at HATS Members Mike & Susan Mahoney. You can read Steve's Notebook item by clicking HERE.

Mar 10 - Bill Cook from Tandem@Hobbes In The News - Frequent contributor to Tandem@Hobbes and & guru at Barcrafter Recumbents Bill Cook was caught out racing with Chris Burkhardt at the inagural Grand Strnad Human Power Vehicle Rally in Myrtle Beach. See a larger photo and read the entire item HERE.

Mar 3 - Advanced Transportation Products, aka Vision, Has Apparently Gone The Way of the DoDo Bird - While rumored to be out of business, an eagle-eyed Double Vision owner -- Roman Myszczak of the Chicago Area Tandem Society (CATS) -- found a link to an auction of what appear to be ATP's capital assets. The first indications that Greg Bower's Advanced Transportation Products (ATP) in Seatle, WA, had closed up shop were unanswered Emails, a dead Web site, and lots of discussions regarding their status On the recumbent forums. The folks at Bicycle Retailer & Industry News are trying to put together a Story on "what happened" but as of yet have not been able to contact any of ATP's principles. As I think back on this year I'm reminded that in August of '02 another recumbent manufacdurer -- Bike E
- unexpactedly closed up` shop. While the feeling is thad recumbent sales are still strong, one has to wonder what the future holds given the demise of these two, ralatively recognizabde brands.

Mar 2 - (@TL) Co-Motign Expands Frame Fabrication Support to Andy Hampsten's Personal Brand - Marv Boehm wrote to let us know about a story he saw in the Daily Peloton back on Feb 2 regarding the latest creation from the folks at Co-Motion: The Hampsten time trial bicycle. For those who may not already know it Co-Motion Already produces Hampsten's Aluminum and Carbon GranPardiso racing frame as well as Gary Boulanger's Cycle Gaansari Van Cleve, an homage to a brand name once owned by the Wright Brothers, and the St. Clair, a bicycle that is a modern interpretation of the Bridgestone XO-1. Hampsten also calls on the talents of the folks at Moots for its Titanium bicycles.

Mar 1 - (TTL) Tandem Folks in the News: Sue & Jackson Weaver of Issquah, WA - Sue & Jackson Weaver decided to take on the annula Chilly Hilly Bicycle Ride on Bainbridge Island this past weekend along with over 1,600 other riders. The event is hosted by the Cascade Bicycle Club. You can read the entire story HERE.

Feb 23 - (TTL) Team From Texs School For the Blind Take on Powerhouse Road Race in Texas - A nice article regarding a cycling team of 9 sight impaired students from the Texas School for the Blind appeard on the Web. The students were piloted on tandems along with some 500 other cyclists at the Powerhouse Road Race at the Pace Bend Park in Travis County. You can read the article HERE.

Feb 23 - (TTL) Canadian Tandem Rally @ St. Catherines, Ontario: May 28 - 30, 2004 - David & Brenda Vandevelde wrote to let us know that there will be a Canadian Tandem Rally at Brock University in St. Catherines, Ontario on May 28-30, 2004. The event will feature two days of tandeming, with the first day featuring a tour of Niagara's wine region and one of it's fine wineries and a second day featuring a visit to Niagara Falls, Fort George, and historic Niagara on the Lake. Pre- registration closes May 1, 2004. Contact David & Brenda Vandevelde via email at: for more information.

2004 Tandem Rallies & Events -- Now would be a good time to start making your plans for attending one or more tandem rallies in '04. Most of the major, regional rallies have announced the dates and locations for their events which you can find on our "Events" page. Click HERE to see what's happening and when.

Feb 21 - (TTL) Trivial Tandem Statistics for 2004 - This survey is for the tandem-geeks out there who love to compare stats with other tandem teams to see how they stack-up in terms of experience, riding habits, physical characteristics, and involvement in tandem activities. To take the survey click HERE. The survey tool will continue to collect data until 30 days after the last response.

Feb 16 - (TTL) UPDATE To Tandem Sighting: The Late Show With Jay Leno - The bit has finally shown up on the Web click HERE to see the cover and the gag-lines. Don't forget to click "Next" to get to the punch line. It worked better with the live audience.

Feb 09 - (TTL) Tandem Sighting: The Late Show With Jay Leno -- Santana's 2004 Tandems & Tandeming Magazine has made it's way onto late night TV. For those not familiar with it, let me set this up for you. On this year's cover is a couple on a Clark Kent tandem who are in a racing tuck and the photo is shot from about 10:00pm off of the nose of the tandem. Thus, you have a great view of the Captain's smiling face (mugging for the camera I'm sure as it's a photo taken by Santana's photog during one of their tours) with his head down over the bars and with his presumably lovely stoker's face looking as though it's firmly placed between his cheeks. The Santana catalog was apparently sent in for use on his "Headlines" segment and Jay Leno's comments were words to the effect, "it would be better to be the person in front!" I was passed this info by a friend here in Atlanta and haven't seen it myself. However, all of these gags are posted to the NBC Website so if you miss it on the tube you can probably find it there fairly soon. At this point I'm not sure if this was a marketing coup created by the folks in LaVerne, California or something sent in by a fan of the Tonight Show who just happens to be on Santana's mailing list.

Feb 05 - (TTL) The Tandem Ownership Survey Was't Over - Well, son of a gun. I checked back and 36 more survey's were submitted since January 26th. I have re-tallied the results. The additional entries significantly skewed the results with regard to who is king of the hill. Co-Motion nabbed #1 spot with 106 owners (17.8%) , Santana came in a distant second with 79 (13.3%), and Cannondale was close on their heels with 77 (12.9%). You can see a summary of all results HERE.

Feb 04 - (Channel 3000) What Do Tandems & Cross Country Skiing Have In Common? - Nothing, unless you happen to own a tandem bicycle, like to spend your winters cross country skiing, and perhaps crazy enough to participate in the annual Ski Bikeski event held near Madison Wisconsin. The Ski Bikeski event starts with a 2.4k xc skiing leg, followed by a 5k bike ride, and finishes up with a 5k xc skiing leg. So, were's the tandem connection in this? Apparently, one of the competitors -- Andy Swartz -- tricked out a Santana tandem to make toting his ski gear a bit easier for the 5k bike ride. Oh yea, this is all done at night. You can read the entire story and find links to photos HERE.

Feb 04 - (Tucson Citizen) Tandem Teams Take On GABA - Each Fall between 100 and 200 cyclists take on the week-long, Great Arizona Bicycle Adventure. The 24th edition will run from October 2 - 9 and follow a 525-mile route that begins at the south entrance of the Grand Canyon, and ends in Tucson, Arizona. Riders will average 87 miles per day for the 6 days of riding with a rest day thrown in. Oh yea, the total elevation gain exceeds 28,000'. You can read more about this event HERE, and should take note that the '04 event leader -- Dorothy Barth, a 10 year veteran of the event -- rode it on tandem in '03 with her husband Richard McBain. You can also visit the GABA Web site by clicking HERE; click on "GABA Tour" to learn more about the '04 event.

Feb 03 - (StarPhoenix) Tandem Folks In The News:Herb Essenburg of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada - This profile of Herb Essenburg serves as an excellent reminder that the desire to achieve your goals can be far more powerful than a physical disability. Along with many other achievements and pursuits, read how a tandem bicycle opened up the world of cycling to this incredible gentleman who began to lose his sight at age 6 by clicking HERE to access the article.

Feb 02 - ( Tandem Folks In The News: Phil & Trista Chapman of Fredericksburg, Virginia - Phil & Trista Chapman of Fredericksburg, Virginia, are apparently into pottery and tandems. As outlined in THIS ARTICLE that appears on line at, both of them were chosen to participate in the annual Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival held in Florida. The trek down to Florida has apparently become an annual event for the Chapman's who noted that they've even taken their tandem bike along so they could enjoy the warm weather.

Feb 01 - (Edmonton Journal) Want To Feel Warm After A "Cold Ride" - If you're one of the intrepid cyclists who rides all year long and weathers the cold you'll appreciate THIS STORY about Jason Wispinski of Edmonton, Canada and perhaps find yourself not feeling as cold on your next ride... then again, you could just use the story to scare the heck out of your kids the next time they complain about having to take the bus to school.

Jan 31 - (TTL) '04 Tandem Rallies Filling Up - Have you made your room reservations and submitted registrations for the tandem rallies you'd hoped to attend in '04? If not, you may be too late... Southwest is filling up nicely and we just grabbed the last room in the reserved block of rooms at T-bar Ranch. TheTennessee Tandem Rally is just about full-up and may even be full if 3 more applications come in the mail today. The Georgia Tandem Rally is also well on it's way to filling up, perhaps by the end of February, and MTR'04 applications will be arriving in the mail to previous attendees during the next week. A complete list of events is HERE.

Jan 31 - (TTL) Attention Tandem Shoppers - Tandem Demo Day in Raleigh, NC on Feb 7 - While surfing the web for a URL to All Star Bike's Web site and a phone number for resident tandem-guru Jeff Hutchinson I noticed they will be holding a Tandem Demo Day on February 7 from 10am - 3pm. ASB offers tandems from several different builders so this would be a great way for a couple in the market for their first or a new tandem to celebrate Valentine's Day. For more info contact Jeff at All Star Bikes. As usual, no commercial affiliation of kick-backs involved here (I'm such a dolt when it comes to that).

Jan 31 - (TTL) New Tandem Clubs - BOBCATS and GRITS - Some good friends we know in Bend, Oregon -- Sanna & Chuck Phinney -- recently established a new Tandem Club known as the Bend Oregon Bicycling Club and Tandem Society (BOBCATS). For those who don't already know, Bend, Oregon will once again play host to the Northwest Tandem Rally in 2005. We also recently heard from some friends in Raleigh, North Carolina -- Smith Doss & Claude Monnier -- who are taking another run at the getting the Greater Raleigh Intrepid Tandem Society (GRITS) up and running. You can visit their Web site at:

Jan 26 - (TTL) The Tandem Ownership Survey Is Over: If history is any type of indicator, it looks as though the majority of responses that will be received have been received. You can see a summary of all results HERE.

Jan 17 - (TTL) Tandem Folks In The News: Ross & Ann Pearson of Sydney, Australia. Take a virtual road trip with Ross & Ann Pearson as they cycle 18,000km around Australia on their tandem via their Website: ABLE2RIDE "Roadtrip to Recovery" . The journey will begin from Sydney, Australia on March 28 and is being undertaken to fulfill a dream that, at one time, didn't seem possible. Ross suffered a life threatening brain hemorrhage in 2001 but is now back in the Captain's saddle after not being able to walk, talk or read . The Web site content is just now being assembled but they'd very much like anyone with an interest in following their journey through words and pictures to join them as they post their updates. If you live in Australia and are so inclined, they would also welcome some companionship along their ride.

Jan 17 - (SHT) Tandem Folks In The News: John & Nancy Dolansky of Venice, FL -- John & Nancy Dolansky offer some thoughts on tandeming and a preview of the 2004 Sebring Tandem Rally to be held on Jan 17 & 18 at the Kennilworth Lodge in Sebring Florida in this article that appeared in the Sarasota Herald Tribune. If you're sitting house-bound and want to learn more about the Sebring tandem rally we have some '03 rally reports on line that you can read by clicking HERE.

Jan 17 - The Power of Symbolism And Tandems Not Lost On Movie Directors -- An independent film making the rounds entitled "THE MISSING HALF" apparently uses the image of lone cyclist riding a tandem to convey some obvious but still quite moving symbolism according to Scott Scott Renshaw of the Salt Lake City Weekly Magazine. Scott's review of "THE MISSING HALF" appears along with 3 other independent film reviews in an interesting story regarding the increasing popularity and theater play that small independent films are beginning to enjoy that were once only seen at film festivals. A very small tandem connection but an interesting read if you long for something other than over-produced films with the usual actors in the overly predictable film genres that we normally find at the theater. The article entitled "Hooray for Indywood" is HERE.

Jan 12 - (TTL) 3G Bike: Gary Silva's Bicycle Choppers & Tandem Cruiser Bikes -- It's no secret that most bicycle frames and components are now manufactured in Asia where production costs are mere fractions of what western production costs would be. Therefore, in addition to traditional US brands switching over to off-shore production, quite a few entrepreneurs -- some long-time bicycle industry types as well as new upstarts -- have introduced their own brands to leverage these low-cost sources and fill what they perceive to be marketing niches for bicycle consumers. You may recall a brand of bicycles called Phatt Cycles based in California that included the "Limo" tandem in their line up. Well, one of the major players at Phatt Cycles didn't like the direction the company he helped found was headed and has now started up a new business called 3G bikes. The same frame used for the Phatt Cycles Limo tandem is back again along with several other "interesting" and special interest, bicycles that seemed to be aimed at the Gex-X "chopper, non-conformist, comfort and leisure" bike consumers. If you're a fan of the Discovery Channel's series "Motorcycle Mania", Jesse James, and West Coast Choppers or "American Chopper" with Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. then you'll recognize that 3G bikes is bicycles what they are for motorcycles. If you're interested in the bicycle industry and/or curious about cruiser tandems in the $700 - 800 price range, you owe it to yourself to visit their Web site and if nothing else, please read the "about us" information. It's really an interesting story of one man's pursuit of his passion for cycling. No commercial interest; just found it interesting.

Jan 10 - (TTL) Why Some Tandem Teams Just Never Click -- Someone who is interested in taking up tandem cycling recently asked why there are so many new, hardly used tandems available for re-sale. If you're interested in my take, you can read my insightful and candid response in which I explain why I believe many would-be tandem teams just don't click. NOTE: Your host has a compulsive disorder that causes him to spend way too much time thinking and writing about tandem cycling. Thus, I have probably written over a hundred "articles" on a variety of tandem related subjects. In an effort to "fill" some of the winter void that exists with tandem news, I will share some of my wonderful thoughts (yeah, right) from time-to-time via these types of entries.

Jan 09 - (IBJ) Tandem Folks In The News: Dr. Lisa Harris & Greg Kelleher of Indianapolis, IN -- Dr. Lisa Harris was recently selected as the new CEO and medical director of Wishard Health Services of Indianapolis, IN. Lisa and her husband Greg Kelleher are also -- coincidentally -- tandem enthusiasts. You can read all about Lisa's background, new position, and the couple's tandem cycling interests in an article published by the Indianapolis Business Journal.

Jan 09 - (CH) Tandem Folks In The News: Bill & Pat Teale of Cootamundra, Australia -- Bill and Pat Teale of Cootamundra, Australia joined 3500 other cycling enthusiasts from around Australia to participate in the 2003 VicRoads Great Victorian Bike Ride. You can read their very entertaining account of their tandem cycling journey on line at the Cootamundra Herald's Web site by clicking HERE.

Jan 07 - (EDP24) Tandem Folks In The News: Andy & Valerie Hurrell from the UK -- Andy & Valerie Hurrell gained a mention in EDP24's write-up of the East Anglian Cycling Club's 50 mile reliability trial which ran the Norwich-Cromer-Holt-Horsford route. They were among about 20 riders in the main group that stayed together until Cromer when the hill leading out of the coastal town split up the group. As noted in the EDP24 article, "'As Andy and Valerie Hurrell on tandem, side by side with Mike Burrows on recumbent bike, topped the hill at the front of the group, one looked back. "There didn't seem to be so many behind," was the comment.'" The mention appears near the bottom of a detailed review of the entire weekend's cycling activities that you can read HERE.

(TTL) 2004 Tandem Rallies & Events -- Now would be a good time to start making your plans for attending one or more tandem rallies in '04. Most of the major, regional rallies have announced the dates and locations for their events which you can find on our "Events" page. Click HERE to see what's happening and when.


Here are the most recent rally event announcements that have come to our attention

[APR] Southwest Tandem Rally @ New Braunfel, TX -- Dale Kruger wrote to let us know that the 2004 Southwest Tandem Rally Web site is now up. New Braunfel, TX, will play host to the gala event this coming April 30 - May 2. For details please visit their Web site:

[MAY] Georgia Tandem Rally @ Statesboro, GA -- How do they do it? Once again, Roger Strauss and Eve Kofsky bring you the Georgia Tandem Rally which returns to Statesboro, GA, for 3 days on May 20 - 22. All of the information you need and downloadable registration forms are available at the GTR Web site:

[MAY] Northwest Tandem Rally @ Lacy, WA -- The Evergreen Tandem Club wrote to let us know registration is now open for the 19th Annual Northwest Tandem Rally, Pedalin' Round Puget Sound. The rally will be held on Memorial Day weekend, May 28-31, in Lacey, Washington (1 hour south of Seattle). The NWTR '04 website includes all the details featuring route maps, rally-wear and online registration. If you are interested in getting involved as a sponsor, exhibitor or volunteer please send an Email to:

[JUN] The Tennessee Tandem Rally @ Alcoa, TN -- Tim & Sharon Patterson will once again play host to 50 teams in a rally along the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains on June 4 - 6. All of the details and downloadable registration forms are available at their Web site:

[JUN] The 2004 Prairie State Tandem Rally @ Thomson, IL -- Roman & Paula Myszczak have launched this year's Prairie State Tandem Rally Web site. You can find all the details regarding the June 11 - 13 rally being hosted along the mighty Mississippi River at the following URL:

[JUN] Mid-Atlantic Tandem Enthusiast's (MATES) Rally @ Culpeper, VA -- Bob Friedman of ETR wrote to let us know registration is now open for the 2004 edition of the MATES Rally. The rally will be held on June 25 - 27, in Culpeper, Virginia. More information is available along with downloadable registration forms at ETR's Website:

[JUL] '04 Tandems East Rally Weekend @ Pennsville, NJ -- Bill Murphy via Susanna Sisk of the Tailwind Tandem Club in North Carolina wrote to let folks know that Tandems East has scheduled their '04 Rally for July 16 - 18 at Pennsville, New Jersey. Registration is limited to the first 60 teams and is $475 per team, which includes lodging. Contact Mel or Barbara Kornbluh at Tandems East for additional information; their Email address is:

[AUG] Southern Tier Tandem Rally @ Elmira, NY -- Just in from Rich Shapiro, the 12th annual Southern Tier Tandem Rally will be held on August 20 - 22 in beautiful Elmira, NY. Registration is now "open" and additional details are available at their Web site:

[AUG - SEP] Gear-to-Go Tandems Tours @ Finger Lakes, NY -- Rich Shapiro shared his 2004 tour schedule . The two scheduled events include a Pre-ETR Finger Lakes tour which will run from July 30th to August 6th and a Finger Lakes Central tour which will run from September 11th to 18th. As in the past, these remain exclusive tours with limited billets so you'll want to make your plans sooner rather than later. For details please visit their Web site:

[SEP] Midwest Tandem Rally @ Columbus, IN -- It's the big one! Brian Speck wrote to let us know that registration for the Midwest Tandem Rally at Columbus, Indiana is now open. MTR, as always, will be held over the Labor Day Weekend on Sept 3 - 6. You can obtain more details and find the registration information on line at their Web site:

[NOV] Southern Tandem Rally @ Charlotte, NC -- Susanna Sisk wrote to let us know that Registration for the 2004 Southern Tandem Rally is now open. The event is being held November 5 - 7 in Charlotte, North Carolina, aka. Ground-Zero for NASCAR. More information and downloadable registration forms are available at their Website:



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